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  1. bobita99282

    Cheat review

    I started use again this cheat again since late 2019. In my opinion we have there one of the best legit bot from the market. Aimbot : 10/10(including trigger, recoil, aim etc) Visuals: visuals are ok, not the best but i enjoy using them 8/10 Rage: its not finished, also crashing a lot so 4/10. Misc: not a lot of features but we got some good ones 7/10 Conclusion I think coder should concentrate on legit bot cause atm hvh is trash, also a lot of cheats on market and to make a decent rage bot can Take a lot. Overall cheat is in top 3 cheats what i used for legit. Good job
  2. bobita99282

    hvh highlights


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