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  1. VizziOn


    Csgo cheat working fine I used it yesterday. There is no eta on apex I think I’m not sure.
  2. VizziOn

    How long can activation last?

    @Dendy sorry for you have to wait that long man i cant help you with this. you should have your rank when frux0 is here
  3. VizziOn

    Frux0 status - the same?

    and like Frux0 said he can hook you up with sub so you can test the cheat but you have to wait for frux0 to come online first "if he still want to do it ofc"
  4. VizziOn

    Frux0 status - the same?

    you sure its vac ban and not overwatch ban?
  5. VizziOn

    Any coupon for old comers?

    pm frux0 and if you are lucky maybe you get free sub for some days
  6. VizziOn

    Frux0 status - the same?

    what are you talking about? cheat is not detected
  7. VizziOn


    Yes cheat is out and working and big update coming soon
  8. VizziOn

    Beta Application

    Pm frux0
  9. VizziOn

    Will we ever got our subscription back?

    just wait you get your rank back when frux0 is back dont worry man
  10. VizziOn

    Will we ever got our subscription back?

    hes not dead. hes busy with work
  11. VizziOn

    Will we ever got our subscription back?

    frux0 is busy i think hes coming back soon
  12. VizziOn

    My hwid again reset

    you need hwid reset to play with cheat again and rules say dont tag staff members. if the rules is the same now
  13. VizziOn

    where is furx0? again left?

    just wait like EarlyGamer said frux0 is very busy now
  14. VizziOn

    hi frux0

    just wait then

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