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  1. VizziOn


    Yes cheat is out and working and big update coming soon
  2. VizziOn

    Beta Application

    Pm frux0
  3. VizziOn

    Will we ever got our subscription back?

    just wait you get your rank back when frux0 is back dont worry man
  4. VizziOn

    Will we ever got our subscription back?

    hes not dead. hes busy with work
  5. VizziOn

    Will we ever got our subscription back?

    frux0 is busy i think hes coming back soon
  6. VizziOn

    My hwid again reset

    you need hwid reset to play with cheat again and rules say dont tag staff members. if the rules is the same now
  7. VizziOn

    where is furx0? again left?

    just wait like EarlyGamer said frux0 is very busy now
  8. VizziOn

    hi frux0

    just wait then
  9. VizziOn

    hi frux0

    pm frux0
  10. VizziOn

    Be part of the testing cheat

    pm frux0
  11. VizziOn

    ʙᴇᴛᴀ ᴀᴄᴄᴇꜱꜱ.

    LUL he joined 2 hours ago
  12. VizziOn


    lol frux0 cheats is dead
  13. VizziOn

    v4 released ?

    nope frux0 is gone
  14. VizziOn

    wheres my life time

  15. VizziOn


    the cheat is offline now and v4 coming soon Best Regards

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