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  1. Mafia

    still 10€ ??

    Black Friday has ended so therefor the sale did also.
  2. Mafia

    Cheats status

    This will be fixed soon, frux0 and I are working on the issue.
  3. Mafia

    Forum Ddos

    Rofl, this must be a meme, @@frux0 you better be scared. This kid has power11111
  4. Mafia

    frux0 coder dead?

    Frux0 is not a robot. He does human things too, he told me he is pretty busy recently.
  5. Mafia

    own everyone with FRUX0CHEATS.COM

    No offence but he got 2 kills, 2 deaths. How does that equal 1-2 on the score board?
  6. Mafia

    Did I Buy A Cracked Version?

    It's most likely someone on the site as they have to show screenshots of the cheat?
  7. Mafia

    Joplin private version of the cheat?

    Just download bitware and rename for private $$ hvh$$ shit cheat.
  8. Mafia


    Want to rage on ESEA together? Add my skype: Ven0mMafia
  9. Mafia


    ESEA bans in waves. You'll be banned soon.
  10. Mafia


    Could have dumped the dll and opened it with IDA.
  11. Mafia

    Rekt!! INTERWEBz hahahahah Rape

    Yeah, now he's banned.
  12. Mafia

    Rip you guys

    He's actually planned to get staff. Currently advanced on my website.
  13. Mafia

    Rip you guys

    Nope, he signed up to insult me. Love you too.
  14. Mafia

    Rip you guys

    Please delete this post, no advertising here.
  15. Mafia

    Activate please

    Be patient, posting anymore won't get you activated.

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