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  1. fazan911

    Which aa supports fruxo

    Cheat is not created for hvh and does not develop in this direction, everything remains before
  2. fazan911

    Frux0 vs Nightmare

    give me ur cfg pls
  3. fazan911

    Frux0 vs PerfectHook

  4. fazan911


    Why are they to you if you do not have a subscription to cheat?
  5. fazan911

    Frux0 akcept

    your subscription has been activated, closed
  6. fazan911

    Frux0 akcept

    How can we know when he will be at home? How come so immediately activates your subscription
  7. fazan911

    can i play in faceit with frux ?

    faceit Without anti-cheat can play esea no
  8. fazan911


    Instructions and download link here: How to use FRUX0CHEATS You have been activated by a subscription
  9. fazan911

    Purchase using keys

    No, only frux0 accept keys
  10. When the admin is at home he will activate your subscription
  11. fazan911

    Couple of Questions

    I'm not a telepath to know about what modes, servers you want to know, formulate your question correctly. At 99% of the servers, the vac is disconnected or plugin anti untrusted and can even be used there untrusted Function, so it depends on the servers.
  12. fazan911

    Couple of Questions

    1) Hack now dont have glove changer, But in the nearest update it will be skin and knife chenger hack have. 2) ofc, Need 10 reports a day to get on the patrol, there you will be banned, And maybe because of one game banned if you add to the report bot
  13. fazan911

    Is cheat up and working ??

    or frankness people get ban from the patrol and not untrusted
  14. fazan911


    You need to wait for the administrator, after that you will have a download page with instructions on the main page
  15. fazan911

    How to buy this wtf?


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