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  1. EarlyGamer

    How long can activation last?

    Thank you so much for such a long wait, please check our correspondence in VK
  2. EarlyGamer

    How long can activation last?

    @frux0 pls give him sub for 1 month
  3. EarlyGamer

    Frux0 status - the same?

    Hey dude u're crazy?
  4. EarlyGamer

    hvh highlights

    Pls add more frux0cheats next time :-)
  5. EarlyGamer


    Dear member, The project is still in beta, if you want to test it, you should write @frux0 in private messages and wait for the result. Sincerely, EarlyGamer
  6. EarlyGamer

    beta testing

    Write @frux0 in pm
  7. EarlyGamer

    where is furx0? again left?

    He is very busy now, wait.
  8. EarlyGamer

    Is frux0 back?

    And they can join in the discord
  9. EarlyGamer

    Discord Channel

    - Especially for you, we created a Discord server where you can find a team or ask a question to administration. When joined don't forget to message administration to get VIP-member* role that allows you to join voice-chat rooms. - Специально для вас, мы открыли свой Discord сервер, в которым вы можете найти команду или задать вопрос администрации. Зайдя на сервер, не забудьте прочитать вступительное сообщение от бота. Click the image to join. *The vip-role gives only for vip-members.
  10. Dear frux0,

    ShadX and I started a correspondence with you, please read it. 


    EarlyGamer ( SupercoolT )

  11. Welcome Back dear friend

  12. EarlyGamer


    The cheat is not working yet, they are working on a new client. Please wait.
  13. Скажу по секрету... У @@frux0, сейчас проблемы. И по этому он не даёт активацию. + старый чит (v3) щас не работает и он готовиться к выходу v4 которая должна быть уже в скоро времени....
  14. EarlyGamer

    Cheat still disabled

    fuck.. #FruxLive
  15. EarlyGamer

    Cheat still disabled

    Where frux0? :c

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